Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to create art and share what I make with the rest of the world. It didn’t matter what I did for a job at the time, I just wanted to be able to draw and create whatever my heart desired.

As you can probably imagine, like most other designers I’m proficient with Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I also happen to know a good deal of coding including, but not limited to, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and p5js. However, due to my borderline obsessive interest in art, I also have an extensive history with traditional art mediums. From Kindergarten onwards, I’ve at least dabbled in just about every medium from acrylic paints and watercolor to chalk pastels and scratchboards.

I’ve also had experience acting as a team leader. I was on the executive board of Kutztown’s Medieval Renaissance Club for 3.5 years, first as the vice president and later as the president of the club. I acted as a liaison between the club and the university itself, ensured that all members were kept up to date with news and upcoming events, and personally had a hand in the organizing and promoting of club events such as a Dinner Theatre and a two day Renaissance Faire.

Overall, I’m a small nerdy thing with interests and passions revolving around art, cartoons, video games, and some degree of swordfighting. Oh, and I might also be into pro wrestling. You’ve been forewarned.